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Facchino Photography has specialized in road and off-road event photography for over 20 years; from 5k to 100 mile endurance runs, mountain bike, nordic, and triathlons. We capture athletes in their moments, allowing them flexibility in viewing and ordering convenience. It is our goal to provide quality images and products that will give a lifetime of memories which can be proudly displayed for years of viewing enjoyment.


Photography as Communication

Photography is a fantastic medium of communication. Humans are very visual beings and images can instantly convey an array of emotions and express a story of adventure, achievement, sorrow, or beauty. Plain and simple, photography tells a story of people, location, and time.


Sharing Your Stories

Images tell a story of you, or someone you care about. They also tell a story of time and place. A moment that will never happen again. Customers have purchased over the years because they want a visual record of their races. A story of them doing what they love, one radventure at a time.


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After 20 years of event photography, I’ve seen many worn out feet, bodies, and brains. Whether exhausted from pounding the pavement, or treacherous trails, Aloha Hemp offers a wide range of products to sooth sore muscles, aches and pains, and help with recovery.

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